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PhD theses (scroll down for other papers)

J. Evans, "Models for sound propagation in suspensions and emulsions," PhD, The Open University, 1996

D.B. Sharp, "Acoustic pulse reflectometry for the measurement of musical wind instruments," PhD, Edinburgh University, 1996. (Download PDF)

S.H.O. Moss, "Acoustic measurements of flowing and quasi-static particulate suspensions," PhD, The Open University, 1997

S. Taherzadeh, "Sound propagation in inhomgenous media," PhD, The Open University, 1997

Q.Wang, "Atmospheric refraction and propagation over curved surfaces," PhD, The Open University, 1997

N. Harrop, "The exploitation of acoustic-to-seismic coupling for the determination of soil properties,"PhD, The Open University, 1999

J.W.Whitehouse, "A study of the wall vibrations excited during the playing of lip-reed instruments" PhD, Open University, 2003. (Download PDF)

A. Li, "Improvements to the acoustic pulse reflectometry technique for measuring duct dimensions" PhD, Open University, 2004. (Download PDF)

A. Tonddast-Navaei, "Acoustic particle image velocimetry: Development and applications" PhD, Open University, 2005. (Download PDF)

V. Chilekwa. "Detecing, locating and sizing leaks in gas-filled pipes using acoustical measurements." PhD Thesis, Open University, 2006.(Download PDF)

B. Hibbert. "The Quantification of Strike Pitch and Pitch Shifts in Church Bells." PhD Thesis, Open University, 2008.(Download PDF)

Y. Sutton. "Electro-acoustic coupling in a plasma gas." PhD Thesis, Open University, 2011. (Download PDF)

Y.B. Chong. "Sonic crystal noise barriers." PhD Thesis, Open University, 2012. (Download PDF)

A. Milne. "A computational model of the cognition of tonality." PhD Thesis, Open University, 2013. (Download PDF)

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