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School and Public talks

“The Sound Of Music” primary school talk
Dr David Sharp and Mr Peter Seabrook regularly visit primary schools to give a presentation entitled “The Sound Of Music”. The talk explains what sound is, how sound travels, and how we hear sound. A number of interactive demonstrations are used during the talk to illustrate various aspects of sound. For example, wave motion is demonstrated by getting the children to create a Mexican wave. Also, a hearing test is carried out on the children in order to discover the frequency range over which humans can hear. The talk culminates with a shouting competition where a sound level meter is used to discover which child is the loudest! Although the talk is primarily designed for Year 6 pupils, it can be adapted for other age groups.

“The Physics Of Woodwind Instruments” public lecture
Dr David Sharp also delivers a talk entitled “The Physics Of Woodwind Instruments”. Through a series of demonstrations and multimedia examples, this talk discusses the physics of instruments such as the flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and saxophone. In particular, the mechanisms by which the different instruments produce sound are described and the reasons why each woodwind instrument has its own characteristic tone are explained. The talk is suitable for anyone with an interest in understanding how musical instruments work. 

If you are within reasonable travelling distance of Milton Keynes and would like to arrange for one of these presentations to be given at your school/institute meeting, please contact Dr David Sharp.

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