Prof Nigel Cross

Emeritus Professor

Nigel Cross is Emeritus Professor of Design Studies

CV synopsis

B.Sc. Architecture (University of Bath).
M.Sc. Industrial Design Technology (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology - UMIST).
Ph.D. Computer Aided Design (UMIST).

Appointed Lecturer in Design, The Open University, 1970.
Promoted to a Personal Chair in Design Studies, 1988.
Became Emeritus Professor, 2008.

President, Design Research Society.

Editor-in-Chief, Design Studies journal.


Honours and Awards:
Lifetime Achievement Award, Design Research Society, 2005.
Elected Honorary Fellow, The Design Society, 2007.
Institution of Engineering Designers’ Trophy award for outstanding contributions to design education and research, 2012.

Keynote conference speeches:
DesignEd Asia Conference, Hong Kong, China, 2013
Design Research and Development Conference, São Luis, Brazil, 2012
Singapore Ministry of Education Conference on Design and Technology Education, Singapore, November 2010
DESIRE Network Doctoral Summer School, Aveiro, Portugal, September 2010
International Conference on Engineering Education, Coimbra, Portugal, 2007
DesignTrain International Congress, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2007
NSF Science of Design Symposium, Arcata, California, USA, 2007
International Symposium of the Swiss Design Network, Geneva, Switzerland, 2006
Congress of the International Association of Societies of Design Research, Douliou, Taiwan, 2005
IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering, Kyoto, Japan, 2004
ACM International Conference on Creativity and Cognition, Loughborough, UK, 2002
International Congress of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID), Seoul, Korea, 2001
Asian Design Conference, Seoul, Korea, 2001
Design+Research Conference, Milan, Italy, 2000
Artificial Intelligence in Design Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 1998

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With academic and practical backgrounds in architecture and industrial design, I have been engaged in design research since the nineteen-sixties. My research has been in computer-aided design, design methodology and design epistemology. My principal research interest now is in design cognition, analysing the cognitive activities and abilities of designers, through protocol and other studies.


Cross, N. Design Thinking: Understanding How Designers Think and Work, Berg, Oxford, 2011.
(Chinese edition by Shandong Publishing House, Jinan.)
Cross, N. Engineering Design Methods: Strategies for Product Design, John Wiley and Sons Ltd., Chichester, 4th edition 2008.
(Japanese edition by Baifukan, Tokyo. Spanish edition by Noriega Editores, Balderas, Mexico. Korean edition by Mijin, Seoul.)
Cross, N. Designerly Ways of Knowing, Birkhäuser, Basel, Switzerland, 2007.
Designerly Ways of Knowing (Hardback edition) Springer-Verlag, London, 2006.
(Chinese edition by Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press, Wuhan.)
Cross, N. Christiaans, H and Dorst, K (eds.) Analysing Design Activity, John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, 1996.
Cross, N. (ed.) Developments in Design Methodology, John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, 1984.
Cross, N. The Automated Architect, Pion, London, 1977. (L'Architetto Automatizzato, Liguori Editore, Napoli.)
Cross, N. (ed.) Design Participation: Proceedings of the DRS conference, Academy Editions, London, 1972.

Current Projects

Research in Design Thinking

Writing and lecturing on the nature of ability and expertise in design.

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My Open University teaching was mainly on undergraduate level courses in design and technology. I worked on the first Technology Foundation course The Man-Made World (1972), and co-designed with John Naughton its successor course Living With Technology (1980). I Chaired the first Design course Man-Made Futures: Design and Technology (1975), and the first CAD course Computer Aided Designing (1987). I worked on many other courses, such as Design:Processes and Products, Design and Designing, Design Thinking, Control of Technology, Innovation: Design, Environment and Strategy and Communicating Technology.

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Emeritus Professor

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