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Michel Wermelinger

Senior Lecturer

Michel's area of teaching and research is software engineering; see details in the other tabs.

He was the Head of the Computing Department in 2012/13 and the Deputy Head of the Computing and Communications Department in 2013/14.

Before joining the OU, he was an assistant professor in the Computing Department of the New University of Lisbon, and a consultant to a software house, both in Portugal.

For more information about Michel see his personal website.

Michel's main theme of research is to mine open source repositories to improve the understanding and practice of software maintenance and evolution. Michel is also interested in data visualisation. He has proposed a novel application of concept lattices to visualise hierarchical socio-technical relationships, and developed an interactive scatterplot tool for easier exploration of data sets by non-specialists.

‚ÄčIn the past, he worked on software architecture and on knowledge representation.

See Michel's personal website for details on his research, student supervision and services to the academic community.

Michel's current teaching is centred on programming. In particular he

Being fluent in German, he was an academic reviewer of the Technology Faculty of Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg on behalf of OU Validation Services.

Further details on Michel's teaching are here.

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Senior Lecturer

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