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Magnus Ramage


Lecturer in Information Systems, worked at the Open University since 2000. Teaches sociotechnical IT systems and systems thinking. Research on the interdisciplinary nature of information, the history of systems thinking and cybernetics. Co-author of the book Systems Thinkers (Springer, 2009), editor-in-chief of the journal Kybernetes. PhD in Information Systems from the University of Lancaster.

Magnus Ramage studies the nature of information, and the history of cybernetics and systems thinking. He co-chairs The Difference that Makes a Difference, a series of workshops held since 2007 on the way different academic disciplines understand of information, which has drawn in scholars from social science, technology, physical science, philosophy and art, and has led to a number of edited publications.

Chair of TM353 IT Systems: Planning for Success (first presentation October 2015). Author on several previous modules on information systems and systems thinking, including T219 Environmental Systems 1, T215 Communications & Information Technology, T853 Information Systems Legacy & Evolution and T205 Systems Thinking: Principles and Practice (chaired T853 in production & presentation, T205 in presentation).

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