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Dr Kevin Collins

Senior Lecturer

I joined the OU in 2001 after completing my PhD and postdoc work at UCL, London.  I have worked on a range of individual and collaborative research projects exploring systems and social learning approaches to managing water in the UK, EU and internationally.  My teaching is focused on  environmental management and in particular using systems ideas to develop new ways of thinking and enabling environmental managing. 

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My research interests focus on social learning for natural resource management especially water resources; and systems thinking and practice.  
Current projects include :
CADWAGO - explores climate change adaptation and water governance
DRIVER - Drought impacts: vulnerability thresholds in monitoring and early-warning research  (funded by the Belmont Forum's Freshwater Security Theme,
I am also working with DEFRA/Environment Agency on social learning approaches for catchment based approaches and River Basin Planning under the Water Framework Directive.  

Recent initiatives and projects also include:

I am interested in supervising PhDs in the following areas:
  • social learning
  • systems thinking and practice
  • environmental and water resource managing
  • natural resource managing and governance

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My teaching includes a variety of modules on environmental topics and systems approaches.

Undergraduate: I am co-author of Environmental Management 1 and Environmental Management II.

Postgraduate: Managing Systemic ChangeEnvironmental Responsibility, Environmental Decision Making: A Systems Approach

I have also contributed to a Guide to systems diagramming

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Senior Lecturer

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Applied System Thinking in Practice
Environmental Management and Technology
Technology Management

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