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John Naughton

Emeritus Professor

I've been an academic in the Systems Group since 1972 and am now Professor of the Public Understanding of Technology. (For an MP3 of my Inaugural Lecture, see here. PDF version here.) I came to the OU from Cambridge University and promised myself I would leave when I got bored. I'm an electrical engineer with an interest in complex systems and the use of computers and networks in teaching and learning. In my time I've contributed to most of the Systems courses, and devoted more years of my life than I care to admit to Foundation-level teaching of technological ideas. With Nigel Cross of the Faculty's Design Group I was the co-designer of Living with Technology -- the Technology Foundation course which ran from 1980 to 1996, and I was the Production Chairman of that course for a long spell. A few years ago I started the 'Going Digital' project to act as an incubator of innovative online courses on digital technologies (it morphed into the Relevant Knowledge Programme) and was one of the small team which produced You, your computer and the Net -- the University's first large-population online course which attracted 12,000 students in its first year.

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Emeritus Professor

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