Current PhD Projects

Design Processes

Title: Technology in modern policing

Student: Heather Barrett

Supervisors: Joyce Fortune, Clive Savory


Title: Healthcare technology adoption in the NHS

Student: Richard Dune

Supervisors: Clive Savory, Joyce Fortune


Title: Change and Resilience in Hospital Refurbishment

Student: Pam Garthwaite

Supervisors: Claudia Eckert, Jeff Johnson


Title: Skills for creativity in graphic design

Student: Karl Jeffries

Supervisors: Theo Zamenopoulos, Alison Green


Title: Managing design margins through the product development process

Student: Safaa Lebjioui

Supervisors: Claudia Eckert, Chris Earl, Ola Isakson


Title: Power Assessment and Influence in Supply Chains

Student: Amy Yan Liu

Supervisors: Chris Earl, Claudia Eckert


Title: An Analysis of the Design Process Portfolio

Student: Helen McGilp

Supervisors: Chris Earl, Claudia Eckert


Title: Communicating Across the System Engineering and Project Management Boundary

Student: Ian Poyner

Supervisors: Joyce Fortune, Geoff Peters


Title: Effective Information Systems Project Management

Student: Lawson Short

Supervisors: Joyce Fortune, Geoff Peters


Title: Physical Objects as Intermediary Objects in Design: Designing Objects as Conversations

Student: Arno Verhoeven

Supervisors: Claudia Eckert, Chris Earl


Title: Barriers to secure ICT in a maritime environment

Student: John Wood

Supervisors: Joyce Fortune, Geoff Peters, Diana White


Title: The Use of Computer Simulation Within a Platform Design Strategy

Student: Miguel Zapico

Supervisors: Claudia Eckert, Chris Earl, Iestyn Jowers


Title: Fashioning Inequalities? Representations of race and ethnicity in the fashion design process

Student: Tanveer Ahmed

Supervisors: Nicole Lotz, Emma Dewberry, Mathilda Tham (Goldsmiths, University of London)


Design Ecologies

Title: The Issues of Compatibility with Consumer Culture of Product Service Systems Provisions

Student: Maurizio Catulli

Supervisors: Matthew Cook, Stephen Potter


Title: Consumer attitudes to sustainable fashion

Student: Philippa Crommentuijn-Marsh

Supervisors: Stephen Potter, Claudia Eckert


Title: The role of habits, comfort and convenience in the transition to more sustainable energy practices at home

Student: Ana Faria

Supervisors: Christine Thomas, Emma Dewberry


Title: The Design and Implementation of a System that can Provide Sustainable Internet Access in Ultra Low Density, Isolated, Economically Poor, Developing Population Areas

Student: Neil Hogart

Supervisors: Claudia Eckert, Andrea Baradi, Georgi Holden


Title: Effective Low Carbon Building Service Technologies for Healthcare Environments

Student: Darren Jones

Supervisors: Claudia Eckert, Gerd Kortuem


Title: Design and Democracy - transformative agency within indigenous structures

Student: Byron Qually

Supervisors: Emma Dewberry, Helen Yanacopulos


Title: Design for fluid transitions to sustainable infrastructure: an exploratory case study of the Bedford to Milton Keynes waterway

Student: Alex Rowbotham

Supervisors: Mathew Cook, Emma Dewberry


Title: The ecology and archaeology of design decision making: an approach to the mapping and interpretation of the design process

Student: Darren Umney

Supervisors: Stephen Potter, Peter Lloyd, Chris Earl


Complexity and Design

Title: Complex systems methods for perception in psychology

Student: I Kusel

Supervisors: Jeff Johnson, Anthony Lucas-Smith


Title: Agent Based Modelling in Scheduling Lego supply Chains

Student: Bjorn Madsen

Supervisors: Jeff Johnson, George Rzevski


Title: Innovation

Student: Ruggero Rossi

Supervisors: Jeff Johnson, David Lane


Title: Augmented Visibility: Influencing Movement Patterns with Ambient Displays

Student: Tasos Varoudis

Supervisors: Jeff Johnson, Katerina Alexiou, Theodore Zamenopoulos, Sheep Dalton


Collaborative Design

Title: Beyond product design: new trans-disciplinary frameworks for higher education in design

Student: Iain Aitchison

Supervisors: Emma Dewberry, Nicole Lotz


Title: Peer marking in Etoile education

Student: Cristien Jimenez-Romero

Supervisors: Jeff Johnson, Jane Bromley


Title: Designing digitally-augmented group activities to support negotiation

Student: Stefan Kreitmayer

Supervisors: Robin Laney, Stephen Peake, Yvonne Rogers



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