Completed PhD Projects


Title: Public engagement and socio-technical transitions: the case of ELVIS in Milton Keynes

Student: Alan Miguel Valdez

Supervisors: Stephen Potter, Sally Dibb, Fiona Harris

Title: The Role of Testing in Engineering Product Development Processes

Student: Khadija Tahera

Supervisors: Chris Earl, Claudia Eckert



Title: The Integration of Architectural Design and Energy Modelling Software

Student: Robina Hetherington

Supervisors: Robin Laney, Stephen Peake


Title: Development of Computer Vision Self-Training Identification Systems

Student: Paul Morley

Supervisors: Jeff Johnson, Anthony Lucas-Smith


Title: Intelligent Sensing Devices for Visually Impaired

Student: A Johnston

Supervisors: Jeff Johnson, Anthony Lucas-Smith



Title: Environmental Innovation in a UK Food Processing Firm

Student: Per-Anders Langendahl

Supervisors: Matthew Cook, Stephen Potter


Title: Management of Strategic Change in UK Research Associations

Student: John Bennett

Supervisors: Alison Bettley, Joyce Fortune


Title: An analysis of the determinants of household waste recycling behaviour

Student: Larry Wolfe

Supervisor: Andy Lane, Christine Thomas, Rachel Slater


Title: An Assessment of the Cost and Environmental Performance of Light Rail and an Equivalent Bus-Based System

Student:Paul Hodgson

Supervisors: Stephen Potter, James Warren



Title: Automatic Multilevel Feature Selection in Adaptable Machine Vision Systems

Student: Valerie Rose

Supervisors: Jeff Johnson, Anthony Lucas-Smith


Title: Hydrogen as a fuel source for vehicles: options for a hydrogen bus energy supply system based on Economic & Environmental considerations

Student: Chris Berridge

Supervisors: Stephen Potter, Stephen Peake, James Warren


Title: The Development of Responsibility in Product Designers

Student: Stacey Birkett

Supervisors: Peter Lloyd, Steve Garner


Title: The Potential Contribution of Prefabrication Towards Improvement of Housing Quality in Scotland

Student: Brian Cook

Supervisors: Chris Earl, Anthony Lucas Smith


Title: Sustaining Travel Plans in the Long Term

Student: Helen Roby

Supervisors: Stephen Potter, James Warren


Title: Design and Political Resistance: Tactics, Power, and Transformation

Student: Ann Thorpe

Supervisors: Stephen Peake, Emma Dewberry



Title: Form Generation in Design

Student: Gareth Paterson

Supervisors: Chris Earl, Steve Garner


Title: Innovation and the patenting systems

Student: Vikas Chandra

Supervisors: Hazel Johnson, Jeff Johnson



Title: The Analysis of Very Large Systems in Complexity Science

Student: Joan Serras

Supervisors: Jeff Johnson, Stephen Potter


Title: Intelligent Robotics for Remote Exploration

Student: James Law

Supervisors: Jeff Johnson, Anthony Lucas-Smith



Title: Kinematic Morphology of Space Systems

Student: John Hobbs

Supervisor: Joe Rooney


Title: Remote Access to Prototyping Laboratories

Student: Stephen Lathwell

Supervisor: Anthony Lucas-Smith


Title: Shape Exploration in Product Design

Student: Miquel Prats

Supervisors: Steve Garner, Chris Earl



Title: Computation with Curved Shapes

Student: Iestyn Jowers

Supervisors: Chris Earl, Steve Garner



Title: Analysing the Implementation Process of Urban Road Pricing Schemes

Student: Petros Ieromonachou

Supervisors: Stephen Potter, Marcus Enoch


Title: An automated guided vehicle for local transport

Student: Jack Cawkwell

Supervisors: Jeffrey Johnson, Stephen Potter


Title: Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Diagnosing Dental Lesions

Student: John Welford

Supervisors: Adrian Hopgood, Jeffrey Johnson


Title: Machine learning in robotics

Student: Pejman Iravani

Supervisors: Jeffrey Johnson, Lucia Rapanotti


Title: Measures from Complexity Science Provide Manufacturing Companies with Insights Previously Unavailable to Them

Student: Nicholas Scott

Supervisor: Jeffrey Johnson, Gerry Frizzel


Title: Physical computation and embodied artificial intelligence

Student: Sunny Bains

Supervisor: Jeffrey Johnson



Title: Energy utopianism and the rise of the anti-nuclear power movement in the UK

Student: Horace Herring

Supervisor: Dave Elliott


Title: A systems view of project management risk

Student: Diana White

Supervisor: Joyce Fortune



Title: Application of Distributed Artificial Intelligence to the Flow Control of Mobile Robots

Student: Andrew Wallace

Supervisor: Anthony Lucas-Smith


Title: Implementation Strategies for Fuel-cell Powered Road Transport Systems in the United Kingdom

Student: Ben Lane

Supervisor: Stephen Potter



Title: Eco Design Innovation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Student: Mark Thomas Smith

Supervisors: Stephen Potter, Robin Roy


Title: Numerical encoding of building shapes

Student: L Waddoups

Supervisors: Phil Steadman, Jeffrey Johnson



Title: Designing together apart

Student: Thomas Kvan

Supervisor: Phil Steadman 

Title: Object-orientated software representation of polymer materials information in engineering design

Student: Sean Ogden

Supervisor: Adrian Demaid


Title: Organisations as complex adaptive systems: implications for the design of information systems

Student: Kumkum Prasad

Supevisor: George Rzevski


Title: Towards computer supported co-operative design

Student: Susan Turner

Supervisor: Nigel Cross



Title: Intelligent Support for Knitwear Design

Student: Claudia Eckert

Supervisors: Jeffrey Johnson, Nigel Cross

Title: Neural network techniques for invariant image classification

Student: Catherine Grimes

Supervisor: Anthony Lucas-Smith


Title: Bus-based best practice and urban transport emissions

Student: Marcus Enoch

Supervisor: Stephen Potter, Godfrey Boyle


Title: The potential for fuel cells to reduce energy demands and pollution from the UK transport sector

Student: Vic Adams

Supervisors: Stephen Potter, David Coley



Title: Teaching with Style: Computer Aided Instruction, Personality and Design Education

Student: David Durling

Supervisors: Nigel Cross, Jeffrey Johnson


Title: A Low Cost Accurate Instrument to Measure the Moisture Content of Building Envelopes in situ

Student: Hihui Ye

Supervisor: Chris Earl


Title: The decline of the British motorcycle industry

Student: Anthony Wynne-Jones

Supervisor: Robin Roy


Title: Eco-design - present attitudes and future directions: studies of UK company and design consultancy practice

Student: Emma Dewberry

Supervisors: Robin Roy, Stephen Potter



Title: Graphic Design Evaluation: Towards a Rule-based System

Student: George Glaze

Supervisors: Nigel Cross, Jeffrey Johnson


Title: An Object-Oriented System for Engineering Polymer Information

Student: Vanessa Spedding

Supervisor: Adrian Demaid


Title: An Algorithmic and Interactive Approach to Computer Art

Student: Paul Margerison

Supervisor: Phil Steadman, Jeffrey Johnson



Title: Artificial intelligence in engineering design

Student: M Hua

Supervisor: Philip Picton, Jeffrey Johnson



Title: Higher-level structures and logic in design

Student: Richard Andrew Murphy

Supervisor: Phil Steadman, Jeffrey Johnson 

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