Our teaching comprises modules and qualifications that focus on systems thinking as an area of professional practice alongside modules where we teach systems thinking as practised in particular professional domains.

Postgraduate: Systems Thinking in Practice (STiP)

We lead a Masters programme in Systems Thinking in Practice that involves three nested qualifications: 

More details of this programme can be found at  http://www.open.ac.uk/courses/choose/systemsthinking

The STiP postgraduate programme was initiated by Group members’ collaboration  in the publication of  Four Systems books - co-published by the OU and Springer:

  1. Systems Thinkers by Magnus Ramage and Karen Shipp
  2. Systems Approaches to Managing Change: A Practical Guide (eds) Martin Reynolds and Sue Holwell
  3. Systems Practice: How to Act in a Climate Change World by Ray Ison
  4. Social Learning Systems and Communities of Practice (ed) Chris Blackmore

Badged Open Course

A freely available open online 8 week course (approximately 3 hours/week) called Mastering Systems Thinking in Practice introduces systems thinking in practice at postgraduate level.

There is a very active and self-organised Systems Thinking in Practice Alumni LinkedIn Group with over 1200 members.

Systems thinking as taught in other domains

We contribute to a number of modules within other programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level including:

  • Environmental Decision making: a systems approach (T863)
  • Institutional development (TU872)
  • Management beyond the mainstream (BB847)
  • Masters capstone modules T847 (30 credit) and T802 (60 credit)

Free study units from some of these modules as well as from past modules can be found on OpenLearn

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Applied Systems Thinking in Practice