External engagement and outreach

As well as research and teaching we get involved in many outreach and developmental projects including various levels of consultancy work.  These range from individual facilitation of half-day events to individual and collective facilitation of three-day (plus) events, to longer-term recurring commitments of external support. Some examples of public events, commissioned events, development projects, external appointments and some key ASTiP affiliations with external partners are listed below.

Public events

  • STiP Alumni event May 2014 OU Regional Centre, Camden, London
  • Public Sector Show May 2014 ExCel London
  • Public Sector Show April 2013 Business Centre, London
  • Systems@40 2012 LSE London with special guest participant Professor Eileen Munro

Development Projects

Media Education for Sustainability (start date October 2013) The 'Media Education for Sustainability' project is investigating the potential for engaging educational establishments and marginalised communities experiencing urgent sustainability emergencies to generate and network media, which can in turn be used to influence communities’ behaviour toward healthier, sustainable and resilient lifestyles. The project is a collaboration between The Open University, the Sao Paulo State University (Universidade Estadual Paulista, UNESP) and the Federal University of Triangulo Mineiro (Universidade Federal do Triangulo Mineiro, UFTM), Brazil. Lead OU Consultant: Andrea Berardi

CGIAR Metris Project  (Start date 2013). Working with the CGIAR in Rome and a panel of international experts, the project aims to understand and review progress with metrics for impact and monitoring assessment across the CGIAR global effort. Lead OU Researcher/ Expert: Simon Bell

Mapping social enterprise in Europe  (Start date 2013). Leading member of the multi-disciplinary team of experts working with GHK Consulting on major European project: Map of social enterprises and their eco-systems in Europe. This is a 29 country European project for DG Employment (Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion). This links with the European Commission’s  Social Business Initiative and its establishment of a policy framework for the promotion of social entrepreneurship (and social enterprises) as one of 12 levers under the Single Market Act. Lead OU Consultant: Roger Spear

European Social Enterprise Network Project (2013-2015): supporting peer review process, establishing best practices in support strategies for social enterprise. The SEN project seeks to build the capacity of the actors who form part of the ESF system to achieve the objectives of the ESF and of the Europe 2020 strategy. More specifically it seeks to equip them to promote and implement projects involving social entrepreneurship, social enterprises and the social economy. The partners comprise ESF Managing Authorities and intermediate bodies from nine EU Member States and regions (PL, UK – England and Scotland, IT – Trentino and Lombardy, BE Flanders, CZ, GR, CY, SE and FI), together with representative or service organisations from the social economy. DIESIS acts as project facilitator. Lead OU Consultant: Roger Spear

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