Katerina Alexiou, Senior Lecturer
Ray Ison, Professor in Systems
Keith Attenborough, Professor
Hedieh Jazaeri, Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Andrea Berardi, Senior Lecturer
Katharine Jewitt, Honorary Associate
Wendy Berndt, Staff Tutor
Jeff Johnson, Professor of Complexity Science and Design
Alison Bettley, Honorary Associate
Ian Johnston, Senior Lecturer, Staff Tutor
Carl Boardman, Lecturer in Energy and Environmental Sciences
Derek Jones, Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Design
John Bouchard, Professor in Materials for Energy
Stephen Jones, Staff Tutor
Lisa Bowers, Staff Tutor
Iestyn Jowers, Lectureship in Technology and Innovation Management
Godfrey Andrew Boyle, Emeritus Professor
Jan Kowal, Senior Lecturer
Stephen Burnley, Senior Lecturer
Satheesh Krishnamurthy, Professor of Energy Technology
David Butts, Honorary Associate
Andy Lane, Professor of Environmental Systems
Sally Caird, Lecturer
Nicole Lotz, Senior Lecturer in Design
Daphne Chang, Senior Lecturer, Staff Tutor
Rachael Luck, Senior Lecturer
Bernie Clark, Staff Tutor in Engineering and Innovation
Richard Moat, Senior Lecturer
Kevin Collins, Senior Lecturer
Carol Morris, Professor of Engineering Education
Matthew Cook, Professor of Innovation
Suresh Nesaratnam, Senior Lecturer
Nigel Cross, Emeritus Professor
Tony Nixon, Senior Lecturer in Information Systems
Emma Dewberry, Senior Lecturer
William James Nuttall, Professor of Energy
Christopher Francis Earl, Emeritus Professor
Sally Organ, Senior Lecturer
Claudia Eckert, Professor of Design
Stephen Peake, Senior Lecturer in Environment
David Elliott, Emeritus Professor
Christine Pearson, Staff Tutor
Mark Endean, Senior Lecturer
Stephen Potter, Emeritus Professor
Bob Everett, Lecturer in Renewable Tech
Rongshan Qin, Professor in Advanced Materials Engineering
Alex Forsey, Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Martin Reynolds, Senior Lecturer in Systems Thinking
Joyce Fortune, Emeritus Professor
Linda Robson, Senior Lecturer, Staff Tutor in Eng. & Innovation
Anne-Marie Gallen, Senior Lecturer, Staff Tutor
Robin Roy, Emeritus Professor
Toni Gladding, Senior Lecturer
David Sharp, Head of School
Alec Goodyear, Senior Lecturer in Engineering Education
Amir Shirzadi, Senior Lecturer in Materials Engineering
Salih Gungor, Senior Lecturer
Rachel Slater, Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Resource Management
Georgy Holden, Senior Lecturer in Design & Innovation
Shahram Taherzadeh, Senior Lecturer
Foroogh Hosseinzadeh, Senior Lecturer
James Warren, Staff Tutor
Michael Hush, Staff Tutor in Engineering and Innovation
Theodore Zamenopoulos, Senior Lecturer
Ellies Muyupa, Research Student
Simon Bell, Visiting Professor
Pelle Langendahl, Visiting Fellow
Chris Blackmore, Visiting Fellow
Peter Rhys Lewis, Visiting Fellow
Gerardo Carvajal, Visiting Fellow
Natalie Foster, Visiting Fellow
Shirley Margaret Northover, Visiting Fellow
Pam Furniss, Visiting Fellow
Sue Oreszczyn, Visiting Fellow
Michael Hutchings, Visiting Professor
Sanjooram Paddea, Visiting Fellow
Cristian Jimenez-Romero, Visiting Fellow
Ed Straw, Visiting Fellow
Maggie King, Visiting Fellow
Nicholas Watkins, Visiting Professor