Sungwoo Lim

Sungwoo Lim


Dr. Sungwoo Lim joined the Open University as a lecturer in the Department of Engineering and Innovation, Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology (MCT) in March 2013. Prior to the current position, he was an architectural designer in South Korea, and worked at Brunel University, the University of Strathclyde and Loughborough University as a post-doctoral researcher for ten years.

He completed a doctorate in artificial intelligence in design at the University of Strathclyde in 2002, and received BEng and MSc degrees in architectural engineering and design at Kon-Kuk University in South Korea.

He is a reviewer of Journal of Information Technology in Construction (ITCon), Automation in Construction (AIC), Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and Advances in Space Research (ASR). He is also a member of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), a member of Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC) in AIAA, and a programme committee member of European-Korean Conference (EKC).  He is also a vice-president of the Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in the UK (KSEAUK), where he regularly exchanges research ideas, and continue to seek potential collaborations with other members from the Biotech, Business and Management Science, Electronics, IT, Mechatronics and aeronautics/astronautics fields.  


He is interested in supervising PhD students in the following areas: Construction technology for Space Architecture (extraterrestrial habitation), Additive Manufacturing in Construction, Generative design with Shape Grammars, Artificial Intelligence in Design, and Online sketch recognition.

Sungwoo's research experiences are principally multidisciplinary researches in the digital innovation and built environment field including Space Architecture, Additive Manufacturing (AM) in Construction, Shape Grammars, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Design, Generative Design, Online sketch recognition, Computer-aided Architectural Design (CAAD), Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Design Management (DM). Through his experience, he have gained a sound knowledge of architecture, construction, engineering design, design management, computer science and manufacturing. This experience enables him to understand the relationships between the different disciplines, and to identify new opportunities in the broader field, and act as a intermediary between different disciplines.  

His current research focuses on Space Architecture with ISRU (In-Situ Resource Utilisation) derived Class III structures, and cultural styles in design with generative design. Previously, he was involved in a number of research projects, and secured research grants as below:  

Research projects:

Research grants:

  • Space Architecture technology - Proof of concept study, £18,350, Multidisciplinary Research Fund (MRF), The Open University, UK, Mar 2014
  • 3D Concrete Printing - Creating a prototype commercial process, £178,490, Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA), UK, Oct 2011
  • Visual Exploration of Cultural Style in Design (VECSiD), approx. £58,000 (100M Korean Won), KAIST, South Korea, Nov 2008
  • Joint Research Equipment Initiative (JREI'98), £7,500, HEFCE (EPSRC), UK, 1998

PhD Supervision:

  • Vibha Vibha: Title - Investigation of extra-terrestrial construction Processes using Additive manufacturing Techniques (ImPAcT) (1st October 2015 - )

Teaching module:

  • T212 / T312 module production member
  • T212 (Electronics: Sensing, Logic and Actuators) Block 4 Lead
  • A tutor of Energy Conversion module in the Residential School 

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