Robin Roy

Emeritus Professor

Robin Roy is Emeritus Professor of Design and Environment and was Director of the Design Innovation Group from 1979 to 2012.

Robin Roy is Professor of Design and Environment and was Director of the Design Innovation Group from 1979 to 2012.

Robin Roy joined the Faculty of Technology (now the Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at the Open University in January 1971 as one of the first Lecturers in Design. Since then his research has focused on three interdisciplinary areas: creativity in invention and design; the economic and managerial aspects of product design and innovation; and design for the environment. In 1979, he founded the Design Innovation Group (DIG) to act as a focus for research on effective management and practice of design and innovation in industry. Under his leadership, DIG became an internationally known, multi-disciplinary group. Among the research carried out by the Group was a joint OU/UMIST project on the ‘Commercial Impacts of Design’. The findings of this research received national and international attention when published in 1991. Together with colleagues, Robin Roy completed in 1997 a long-term follow up study, funded by the Design Council. His more recent research focuses the potential for major reductions in the environmental impacts of products and buildings and the application of low carbon and renewable energy systems in homes, in order to help avoid dangerous climate change.
He has written a book Consumer Product Evolution and Sustainable Design: the evolution and impacts of successful products, published by Routledge in November  2015. The book has received  several very favourable reviews.

Robin Roy has held several overseas visiting research and teaching appointments, including three at Australian universities and in the Netherlands at the UN Environment Programme, Group on Sustainable Product Development.

Robin Roy has contributed to almost every course and module in the Design and Innovation teaching programme since the first Design course T262 Man-made Futures:Design and Technology  in 1972. He has also contributed to a number of other courses and modules, mainly in the areas of environment and energy.

U116 Environment: New Edition (60 credits)
2015 - present. Member of module team, co-author Block 1, including new Carbon Calculator, TMA02, critical reader Block 6.

T317 Innovation: Designing for change (60 credits)
2010–2015. Member of module team, co-author Block 5 Creating places for people, Critical reader, whole module.

T319 Environmental management 2
2013-2014: Consultant for development of virtual house interactive exercise

T313 Renewable energy
2013: Consultant for audio on energy improvement to an existing house

T217 Design essentials  (60 credits)
2010 – 2013. Member of both the original and reconstituted course teams, curriculum planning; author Block 3 Creative design and co-author TMA02; Critical reader whole module.

U116 Environment (60 points)
2006 –2012  Co-author of Block 1 Setting out from Home (8 study weeks).
Commissioning and development of Quick and Full EYE-OU carbon calculator software for the course; co-author associated website materials (Quick and Full Carbon Calculator Guidance Notes, Yellow House Guidance Notes, Talking about carbon footprints audio), 3 videos for course DVD;  2013: Consultant for updating Quick carbon calculator to HTML5.
(The U116 team won a National Teaching Fellowship/OU Teaching Awards joint scheme award for 2011/12)

T307 Innovation: designing for a sustainable future (60 points)
2002-05  Author Block 3 Products: New product development & sustainable design; Block 3 Guide. Academic consultant Block 3 DVD video and multi-media materials. (6 study weeks). AL briefing Jan. 2006.
Contributing author: Blocks 1 &2 Guide; Blocks 4 & 5 Guide.

T183 Design and the Web (10 points)
2002-03  Author web based Lesson 4 Web site structure and navigation.
Revised 2003 (as Lesson 7).

T211 Design and Designing (60 points)
2001- present  Author Block 3 Creativity and concept design; Block 3 Supplement; TMA03 (Revised 2004, 2008) (6 study weeks).
Academic consultant Block 3 multi-media DVD materials including 3 video sequences and 6 interactive exercises.

T172 Working with Our Environment (30 points)
1997-2009  Author Theme 1 You and Your Environment (4 units) and associated OU versions of EcoCal and NHER software and Supplementary and AV material (EcoCal Instructions; NHER Instructions; AV Notes 1-2, Video 1, Audio 1). (All revised and updated 2000, 2002 and 2004).

T302 Innovation: Design, Environment and Strategy (60 points)
1992–96  Main author Block 4 Main Text; Block 4 Readings, Joint author Block 4 Case Studies . Responsible for Video 2 and associated Block 4 Video Guide.
Author of various project support materials, including Project Guide 3 and Project Guide 4 and Project Techniques 3 and 4.

T264/T204 Design: Principles and Practice (30/60 points)
1989; 1992  Chair, production course team
1988-92  Author Block 3 (3 units) Creativity and conceptual design, Block 3 Guided Design Exercise, Video 3 and Audio 2 Study Guides, Block 5 Data book.  Joint author Block 5 (3 units); Contributor Block 6 (3 units).
1 hr video and 1hr audiocassette programmes. Tutor briefing.
Block 3 Guided Design Exercise (completely rewritten 1994).

P791 Managing Design (30 points)
1987-89.  Joint Author Unit 2 (1988) Case studies: A&R, Hewlett Packard.
Contributor Overview Units (Introduction, 1988; Issues, 1989). 

T362 Design and Innovation
1982-91  Joint editor Course Reader.  Joint author Units 9-10; Project Guides 1 & 3, Techniques Guide 1.  Author Update Supplement (1988).
1 television, 2 audiocassette programmes. 

T263 Design: Processes & Products (60 points)
Main author Units 5-7 Bicycles: invention and innovation;
1 television, 1 audiocassette programme.

T361 Control of Technology (60 points)
1975-78  Chair, production course team.
Joint editor Course Reader. Author Unit 1 (1977 revised 1981), Study guide to Nuclear Power, etc.  Joint author Unit 2 (1977 revised 1978), Units 3-4 (1978 revised 1981), Unit 13 (1978), Broadcast Handbook, Update File, (1978-81).  2 television, 3 audiocassette programmes.

T262 Man-made futures:  Design and Technology (60 points)
1972-75  Joint editor Course Reader.  Author Units 2-3, Unit 12.  Joint author Unit 1, Units 7-8, Units 13-16.  4 television, 3 radio programmes.
Member presentation course team, 1975-81.

T100 Technology Foundation Course (60 points)
1971-72  Author Units 32-34 (revised 1975).
1 television, 1 radio, 1 audiocassette.
Member presentation course team, 1973-76.

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