Bob Everett


I am Lecturer in Renewable Energy and since 1993 I have been involved in developing and running OU courses on energy issues. I have also helped develop the use of on-line conferencing and web material for these and other OU courses. My research interests are building energy and daylight modelling, domestic energy efficiency, combined heat and power (CHP) generation and the development of domestic CHP equipment.

I have an M.A in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from Cambridge University. On leaving Cambridge I worked on the development of computer phototypesetting and contributed to a patent on the use of random dots of ink to print pictures (as used in modern ink jet printers). I have worked on energy issues since 1977, initially on computer modelling of active and passive solar heating, later on the monitoring of large scale field trials, leading to an OU Ph.D. in 1989. Since then I have continued research work on combined heat and power systems and office energy use at the OU, the Martin Centre at Cambridge University and the Building Research Establishment. I have been an OU lecturer since 1996.

I concentrate on writing OU course material, though I have contributed to research work on Combined Heat and Power generation.

I am currently module team chair of the T213, Energy Systems and Sustainability, and a member of the T313, Renewable Energy module team. I have also contributed to the material for U116, Environment: Journeys through a changing world.

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