James Warren

Senior Lecturer

James is a Senior Lecturer in the Design Group; he has recently returned from his secondment as an Associate Dean (Quality) (2011-2015) within the Faculty working with Associates in Learning & Teaching, Curriculum & Qualifications and Regions & Nations. My School (Engineering & Innovation) covers a wide range of subject specialisms including engineering, design, development, environment and systems thinking. I am an  author on many modules in the University which contain transport studies, transport case studies or environmental units linked to mobility.


I started at Open in the year 2000; previously I worked in the automotive industry for many years designing catalyst systems for both heavy duty trucks and to a lesser extent for passenger cars. You can find my automotive patents and transport studies papers within the ORO area http://oro.open.ac.uk/ My education and training was firstly as a chemist (Amer. Chem. Soc. cert.) followed by a doctorate (in physical chemistry) studying reactive surfaces for catalytic oxidation. More recently I completed a Dipl. Econ. (Open) along with further Masters study. My second language is Spanish.

Selected Publications

Categorising carfree communities (with M Enoch, forthcoming) in Proc of the ICE, Urban Design and Planning. 

Can bus really be the new tram? Research in Transportation Economics, 39(1), pp. 158–166 (2013)

Can rail/sail compete with air travel to Cyprus? A comparison of emissions. Transport Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 18 pp. 86–90 (2013)

Mapping expert perspectives of the aviation sector. International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management, 16(3), pp. 179–202 (2013)

Island transport, car ownership and use: A focus on practices in Cuba, Malta, Mauritius and Singapore. Island Studies Journal, 5(2), pp. 193–216 (2012)

Automobile use within selected island states. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 42(9) pp. 1208–1219 (2008)

Current Projects

Currently I am working on various transport studies including a city-wide mobility/public transport system study in Latin America (in conjunction with UCL) as well as other mobility/energy measuring projects, including low-mobility households and communities which eschew the use of the automobile due to various reasons. My PhD student is constructing an analysis of the aviation regulation framework using various public policy theories.

I am involved in both energy modules - Energy & Sustainability ( T213 ), which focuses mainly on fossil fuels, and also on Renewable Energy ( T313 ) which uses an excellent software package to evaluate energy use in buildings and allow students to add various energy devices to their homes in order to reduce overall demand. I am also author on the Level 1 Environmental Journeys ( U116 ), Block 5 - Changing China - Made in China which considers consumption, wealth and well-being in modern China, as the country scales the energy/income ladder. I also previously contributed to the postgraduate  Technology Management supply chain and product systems module and to smaller pieces of work within the environmental modelling curriculum.

Teaching related activities: academic reviewer and panel chair for a variety of our collaborative provision through our validated partners; lead for quality assurance and enhancement initiatives; chair of Scrutiny Group. I support our Institute of Education Technology (IET) through events and workshops.

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