Abdullah al Mamun

Research Student (Full-time)

I am a Bangladeshi scientist currently working at the Open university with an aim to complete my PhD degree. Before joining to the Open university, I have graduated in aeronautical engineering from the university of new south wales in 2012. In Bangladesh, I studied 6 years in a military school and appeared in both my GCSE and A level equivalent exams from that same institution. Besides academics, I am a sport enthusiast and play football, cricket and table tennis on regular occasions. 

My research project is about understanding microscopic deformation mechanism of particular types of steels, which are widely used in nuclear power plants in UK. The project is funded by the EDF energy, Gloucester. 

Materials in nuclear power plant operates at high temperature and under pressure from the generated steam. During such operation, creep, a time dependent deformation mechanism become the dominant deformation mechanism of these materials. On the other hand, the power plants 

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