How can technology enhance fieldwork learning?

Topic Description

Practical science fieldwork provides authentic learning opportunities that enable undergraduate students to apply their learning and develop field skills, as well as effective teamwork skills that improve employability. A studentship in this area would explore the use of technologies to enhance the fieldwork experience. Depending on the interests and skills of the candidate, this could focus on the design and development of activities or technologies and/or the evaluation of technology enhanced field courses. A student would have the opportunity build on established research from across the Open University, including: accessibility in fieldwork teaching; mobile and wireless network technologies for fieldwork; and 2D and 3D virtual field trips.

Skills Required:

You will need to have completed a Masters in Interaction Design, or Human Computer Interaction on an educational project, or in Science Education with focus on fieldwork. Prior experience of having worked in virtual reality or 3D virtual environments or mobile as a developer or as a researcher will be an advantage. A background in disciplines that have a fieldwork component.will be helpful.

Background Reading:

• The OpenScience Lab’s 3D Virtual Geology Field Trip -
• The Enabling Remote Activity project -
• Personal Inquiry project -
• Out There and In Here project -
• Prof Shailey Minocha’s publications -
• Dr Trevor Collins’ publications -

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