Agile software practice challenges

Topic Description

This research project is to investigate the challenges faced by agile practitioners. Working alongside researchers in the Agile Research Network ( you will be interacting directly with agile practitioners to explore and address their challenges. There is a wide set of possibilities and opportunity for the project to be flexible to accommodate a range of specific interests, including UX design, knowledge sharing, pair programming, Test-driven development, and distributed working.

Skills Required:

Ideally you should have experience in software development practice and an understanding or experience of agile software development.

Background Reading:

Please visit for more details of the project and outputs

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Sharp, H., Plonka, L., Taylor, K.J., and Gregory, A.J. (2014) ‘Overcoming challenges in Collaboration between research and practice: the Agile Research Network’ in Proceedings of Software Engineering Research and Industrial Practices, a workshop co-located at ICSE 2014, 1st June, Hyderabad

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