Ongoing student projects

Verifying Implementations of Security Protocols in C, Mihhail Aizatulin. Supervisors: Bashar Nuseibeh, Jans Jurjen

Addressing legacy problems in eGovernement, Assia Alexandrova. Supervisors: Lucia Rapanotti, Ivan Horrocks

User interface design for the democratisation of end-user algorithmic software, Matthew Bellingham. Supervisors: Simon Holland, Paul Mulholland

Context-aware Energy Demand Shifting for Domestic Energy Micro Generation, Jacky Bourgeois. Supervisors: Gerd Kortuem, Blaine Price, Janet van der Linden

The Investigation of the Relationship between the Identifier Name Quality and Source Code Quality, Simon Butler. Supervisors: Michel Wermelinger, Yijun Yu, Helen Sharp

Changing business orientation through IT, Silvana Constantini. Supervisors: Lucia Rapanotti, Jon G. Hall

Software Evolution and Maintenance, Tezcan Dilshener. Supervisors: Michel Wermelinger, Yijun Yu

Suspense in Dramatic Narrative, Richard Doust. Supervisors: Paul Piwek, Alan Third, Richard Power

How does the use of mobile phones and smartphones by young women who are unemployed and on low-incomes contribute to their capabilities, Becky Faith. Supervisors: Chris High, Clem Herman, Gill Kirkup

Development of a tangible touch screen computer-aided music performance and learning, Andrea Franceschini. Supervisors: Robin Laney, Chris Dobbyn

Digital toys and Games for Inter-Species Communication, Fiona French. Supervisors: Clara Mancini, Neil Smith

Spatial Perception for Mobile Robots, Eugen Funk. Supervisors: Laurence Dooley, Adrian Poulton

The Design and Evaluation of Wearable Wireless Haptic Systems for Improving the Lives of Those with Sensory or Motor Disabilities, Theodoros Georgiou. Supervisors: Simon Holland, Janet van der Linden

Model driven architecture of large distrbuted hard real time systems, Michael Giddings. Supervisors: Michel Wermelinger, Yijun Yu

Argument Maps as Supporting Data-Structures for Feedback Text Generation, Thibault Griez. Supervisors: Paul Piwek, Sandra Williams (ext)

End user Development for Analytics, Alan Hall. Supervisors: Michel Wermerlinger, Tony Hirst

Mobile Analytics for Software Quality Engineering, Julian Harty. Supervisors: Arosha Bandara, Sheep Dalton

Gendered Careers in Science Engineering and Technolgy: Transforming Spaces and Changing Identities, Clem Herman. Supervisors: Elizabeth Silva

The Current Operation of Database Systems with reference to Best, Victoria Emily Holt. Supervisors: Magnus Ramage, Karen Kear, Nick Heap

Deductive Question Generation, Pasquale Iero. Supervisors: Paul Piwek, Alan Third

Seeing Delivery Problems as Opportunities for Improvement within Agile Software Teams, Robert James. Supervisors: Helen Sharp, Leonor Barroca

Process Risk Visualisation in Problem Oriented Engineering, Dariusz Kaminski. Supervisors: Jon G. Hall, Michel Wermelinger

The Investigation of New and Efficient Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Cognitive Radio, Dimitrios Karampoulas. Supervisors: Soraya Kouadri, Laurence Dooley

Security issues in fourth-generation (4G) networks, Jonny Karlsson. Supervisors: Laurence Dooley, David Chapman

Investigating the Role of Digital Technologies for Assistance in Diabetes Self-Management, Dimitri Katz. Supervisors: Sheep Dalton, Blaine Price

A systematic approach of evaluating malware artefact detection tools used by forensic investigatorsIan, Martin Kennedy. Supervisors: Blaine Price, Arosha Bandara

Applications of swarm computing, Ian Kenny. Supervisors: Chris Dobbyn, Neil Smith

Designing training simulations for large groups using ubiquitous technologies, Stefan Kreitmayer. Supervisors: Robyn Laney, Stephen Peake

Reasoning about flaws in software design: Diagnosis and Recovery, Tamara Lopez. Supervisors: Marian Petre, Bashar Nuseibeh

Representing and analysing change problems in organisations, Georgi Markov. Supervisors: Jon G. Hall, Lucia Rapanotti

New Cross Layer and Routing Strategies for Cognitive Radio Networks, John Martin. Supervisors: Laurence Dooley, Patrick Wong

Dynamical Processes in Digital Instruments, Tom Mudd. Supervisors: Simon Holland, Paul Mulholland, Sheep Dalton

Multi-agent System for Real-time Video Umpiring, Hnin Myint. Supervisors: Patrick Wong, Laurence Dooley

An Adaptive Music Generator for Multimedia Narratives, Anthony Prechtl. Supervisors: Robin Laney, Alistair Wills, Robert Samuels

Distributed Source Coding for Interadctive multi-view Video Streaming, Parminder Singh Reel. Supervisors: Laurcence Dooley, Patrick Wong

3-D Multi-Modal Medical Imaging, Smarti Reel. Supervisors: Laurcence Dooley, Patrick Wong

Animal-Computer Interaction: Specialized Technology to Aid Canine Workers, Charlotte Robinson. Supervisors: Clara Mancini, Janet van der Linden

How can Electroencephalography and Physiological Data be Sonified in Real-time to Better Support Therapeutic and Diagnostic Interventions, Tony Steffer. Supervisors: Simon Holland, Sheep Dalton, Paul Mulholland

Investigating the Success Factors in the Creation and Sustenance of Online Communities, Alexandra Stiver. Supervisors: Mike Richards, Leonor Barroca

Social Media and Multimedia Information Retrieval and Mining, Thanh Tien Vu. Supervisors: Dawei Song, Alistair Wills

A New Methodology for an Effective User Friendly Approach to the Learning of Object Oriented Programming, Matthew Xuereb. Supervisors: Rob Griffiths, Adrian Jackson, Simon Holland

New project topics on offer

Spread of misinformation 
Contact: agw96

Explainable machine learning and natural language processing for automatic assessment 
Contact: agw96

Augmented Reality for Open Field Navigation 
Contact: dsb69

Security framework for Trust, Reliability and Resilience for IoT devices in Healthcare (contact: Chitra.balakrishna@open.ac.uk) 
Contact: cb32322

Engineering Adaptive IoT-based Software for Food Security 
Contact: az2276 ab33792

Automatic Generation of Dialogue Acts: Understanding Dialogue through Computational Modelling 
Contact: pp2464

Machine Learning for Emergent Middleware 
Contact: ab33792 akb235

Participatory Security: Self-protecting Communities On the fly 
Contact: ab33792

Music and Human Centred Computing 
Contact: sh2

Music Computing 
Contact: sh2

Digital Health and Interaction Design 
Contact: sh2 bp5

Business analytics as organisational problem solving 
Contact: lr38

Interfaces for life logging mood and affect 
Contact: dg7692 bp5

Chasing criminal suspects using drones 
Contact: kcpw2

Novel smart home interfaces for older adults to self-monitor their health and wellbeing 
Contact: dg7692 bp5

People-centric Smart Cities 
Contact: dg7692

Teaching programming at a distance 
Contact: mw4687 crd96

Effective inappropriate images and videos filtering 
Contact: kcpw2

Developing geographical understanding through 3D immersive environments 
Contact: sm577 drm48

How can technology enhance fieldwork learning? 
Contact: Trevor.Collins@open.ac.uk (KMi)

MOOCs for professional development of school teachers 
Contact: sm577

Decolonial Computing 
Contact: sma78

Automating Online to Offline Services using Smart Contracts 
Contact: yy66

Live Forensics for Drones 
Contact: yy66

Web conferencing: the technical and social challenges 
Contact: hmd83 klk2

Statistical Models for Analysing and Generating Music 
Contact: rcl46

Collaborative Environments for Creative Uses of Musical Information Retrieval 
Contact: rcl46

Algorithmic Generation of Computer Game Music 
Contact: rcl46

Education and training for globally distributed virtual teams: preparing the workforce for the future 
Contact: drm48

Lightweight semantics for text similarity 
Contact: agw96

NLP for assessment in intelligent tutoring systems 
Contact: agw96

Semantics of ambiguity 
Contact: agw96

Examining the historical roots and social aspects of the nature of information 
Contact: mr888

Facilitating the Maintenance and Evolution of Software 
Contact: mw4687

Analysing the Complexity of Software with (Social) Network Metrics 
Contact: mw4687 crd96

A Novel Language and Environment for Teaching Programming 
Contact: mw4687

From data to questions and stories: inclusive technologies for data exploration 
Contact: pp2464

Dialogue Games, Argumentation and Meaning: Computational modelling of Brandom's inferentialism 
Contact: pp2464

Musical Contrast and Similarity 
Contact: rcl46