The nature of software is changing: divorced from specific hardware or an individual provider, software is turning into an adaptive fabric, embodying new principles of construction and organisation, and underpinning society. This requires fundamentally new approaches to designing, engineering, and reasoning about software that accommodate complexity and uncertainty. We address this challenge through research in requirements engineering, security and privacy, software design and development, adaptation and evolution, and traceability.

  • Adaptive Information Security (Bashar Nuseibeh) – Qatar Research Fund
  • ARN: Agile Research Network (Helen Sharp) – the Agile Business Consortium
  • ASAP:  Adaptive Security and Privacy (Bashar Nuseibeh) - EU FP7
  • Ghana Cyber Security (Blaine Price) - NCA
  • Privacy Dynamics (Bashar Nuseibeh) - EPSRC
  • Scientific Code Review Pilot Studies (Marian Petre) – Mozilla Science Lab
  • Secure Software Engineering (Bashar Nuseibeh) – NII (Japan)
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