Marina Carter

Staff Tutor

I have been working on Level 1 retention for more than 5 years (way before it became everyones priority) and have very much focussed on encouraging my tutors to work in teams sharing ideas and teaching materials. I have spent a great deal of my time running staff development events to ensure tutors are very student focussed and have all the skills they need to be pro-active. My current focus (Oct 13) is team teaching and support for level 1 students (TU100).

I also have been working for more than 5 years on Under 25's retention at level 1. This started for M150 and progressed in to TU100. Under 25's are where possible allocated to the same tutor group where the tutors have undergone specialist training.

I am currently trialing the use of regional forums for level 1 students (TU100) having previously used Facebook for regional student support. The other new area of research is the use of mini generic videos for regional student support.  

Currently I am training tutors to work as part of a tutors qualification team and using forums to encourage this so that tutors take an active role in progression and working together. Students will no longer think in terms of courses so it is important that tutors also change the way they think and work.

I currently teach on TU100 which really helps me in training my level 1 tutors.

I have taught on level 2, 3 and projects in the time I have been an AL with the OU (10 years).

I am on the M256 course team.

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