Emilie Giles

Research Student (Full-time)

My research focus is how electronic textiles (eTextiles) an be used as haptic interfaces, and so focusing on the tactile potential of this medium as opposed to the visual. I will be exploring the use of eTextiles specifically by blind and visually impaired people, with areas of interest being:

• eTextile sensory tools used for creative experiences such as storytelling
• Wearables which allow for biofeedback of a user
• The emotional linkage that can be found between touch and eTextiles

As well as building prototypes I will be conducting user studies in which participants will create their own eTextile objects which will feed into the design process.

My supervisors are Janet van der Linden and Marian Petre.

My research interests include:

  • Human Computing Interaction
  • Smart and electronic textiles
  • Participatory user design
  • Physical Computing
  • Arts and wellbeing
  • Arts and technology

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