Christopher Douce

Staff Tutor

My research interests include: the design, development and implementation of accessible and usable systems, human-computer interaction and the psychology of programming. I am also interested in how new technologies can be effectively used to enhance educational practice.

Past Projects

During my time in the Institute of Educational Technology I worked on two accessibility projects: EU4ALL and ALPE (both funded by the European Union).  The aim of the EU4ALL project was to explore how to best create a flexible software architecture to support the provision accessible life-long learning.  ALPE studied whether it could be feasible to establish a pan-European accessibility consultancy network.

An earlier project at Kingston involved studying how learning technologies (such as virtual learning environments) may be used to automatically assess programming assignments to help novice programmers learn programming languages such as Java.

Current Projects

I am currently conducting research into the impact of tuition observations on professional academic practice.

I am an associate lecturer for two modules:

I am a staff tutor for the following modules:

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