Arosha Bandara

Head of Department

My research interests include:

  • Adaptive systems 
  • Analysis and refinement of policies for adaptive systems
  • Software engineering for adaptive systems
  • Adaptive security and privacy 

My research focuses on the addressing the practical problems associated with building and maintaining self-managing (adaptive) systems by combining rigorous formal techniques with concrete implementations and applications of those techniques. My interest in practical applications of formal techniques includes investigation of the usability of technologies that leverage such formalisms. My doctoral research focused on formal ways of refining and analysing the policy rules  that govern the behaviour of adaptive systems.  Motivated by the increasing use of mobile computing applications, I have been investigating ways in which machine-learning techniques can improve the privacy management capabilities for users of such applications, work which started in the context of the EPSRC funded PRiMMA project and the Software Engineering for Usable Mobile Privacy Management project, funded by a Microsoft Software Engineering Innovation Foundation award.  Current projects that are pursuing a related research agenda include:

I am also interested in computer science education research. In particular, I worked on studying the efficacy of visual programming approaches to teaching entry level computer science.  I was part of the team that developed Sense, a unique ubiquitous computing experimentation kit that allows novice students to build computer programs that interact with the physical world and online information sources

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