Software Design Decoded

Software has become a pervasive artefact in a world dominated by technology. In this context, the role of the software designer is crucial to ensure the successful creation, deployment and use of these technologies. While tools and techniques have played a part in supporting the design process, there is still a key aspect of design that depends on the expertise the people who are involved in creating the software. 'Software Design Decoded', by Marian Petre and Andre van der Hoek (UC, Irvine) distills insights from years of studying experts at work, that capture what successful designers actually do to create great software.

Published by MIT Press, 'Software Design Decoded' has been written as a source of 'daily wisdom' for the software desginers, whether novices or experts, to either pick up new habits that will support the creation of great software or reinforce good practice. Early endorsements of the book include one from Grady Booch (IBM Fellow and IBM Chief Scientist), who says "This is the book I wish I’d had around throughout my journey as a software architect. It’s charming, approachable, and full of wisdom—you’ll learn things you'll come back to again and again."

Prof Marian Petre
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Prof Marian Petre