School Seminar: Gamification and Wearable Technologies for Personal Health Management My Journey to Improved physical and mental wellbeing


This presentation tells the four year exploration of the combination of gamification and wearable technologies by David Wortley FRSA, former Founding Director of the Serious Games Institute. The presentation provides an insight into the socio-technological background of the speaker and the chance combination of events and circumstances which led David to begin using wearable technologies to gamify his personal health to lose 21kg in weight in 3 months. David will outline some results of statistics from his experience and conclude with his views on global health challenges related to lifestyle behaviours and his vision for the future development of these technologies and their impact on society.


David is the CEO and Founder of GAETSS, a consultancy on the strategic use of Enabling Technologies for the transformation of business and society and Founding President of the European Chapter of the International Society of Digital Medicine (ISDM). He is a recognised global authority on the practical application of emerging and enabling technologies in areas such as health, environment, business development and education. He is a serial technology innovator and has been a pioneer of emerging technologies for over 30 years.

He is an expert adviser to the European Union and an accredited business mentor. His specialist expertise is in the commercialisation of disruptive digital technologies. David is a passionate user of wearable technologies for health and wellness applications and a Founding Council Member of the International Society for Digital Medicine (

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