School Seminar: Adding aspects of user experience to the writing of user stories


Many strategies have been employed to incorporate User Experience (UX) practices into software development in order to increase user satisfaction of the product. Different UX methods and techniques have been used by UX designers to produce artefacts that give the development team  information about end-users. However, the combination of UX information with a specification of product requirements can be an arduous task. In this seminar, I will present a practical experience carried out with agile teams. I propose  a new form to describe requirements in story cards by adding UX aspects. The proposal aimed to address the challenges encountered by the agile teams adding UX aspects and usability requirements in the first steps of software conception. The experience was performed in three steps. First, an ethnographic study was carried out to understand how the traditional user stories were being developed by product owners. Second, the proposal was designed with the participation of product owners and a UX expert. Finally, in the third step, six product owners were invited to implement the new proposal in their projects.

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