Premier+ recognition from Cisco Systems

Apart from teaching Cisco Network engineering within our postgraduate and undergraduate programmes. The school of Computing and Communications has been engaging in supporting educational establishments in the UK over the last two years. Not only working with schools, colleges and training providers the community created by the Cisco Networking team supports a range of unique educational initiatives. An endeavor recognised by Cisco Systems, when presenting an award of Premier+ status to the Open University. Making us one of only two Cisco Academies in the UK to receive this accolade.

Our work with Curtin University and the Royal National college for the Blind, as well as supporting two other disability focussed educational establishments are one of the many reasons for this recognition. Based on our academic mission to enable all communities and enact widening participation in learning network engineering skills. Has positioned the school of computing and communications in a unique national and international space.

Andrew Smith, Senior Lecturer in Networking says - "while exceptionally pleased to have received this accolade, this could not have been accomplished with out the enthusiasm and support of our community of Cisco educational experts."

This community is still under development and already being extended via Cisco funding. From Feb 2017, the team are using the scalable distance learning experience of the Open University to facilitate the professional of teachers in the UK and beyond.

Dr Amel Bennaceur, Dr Nicky Moss, Mr Andrew Smith
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