The Maths for Energy quiz can be found here.

The quiz will help you to check that you have the necessary maths skills for T213. It is divided into six sections, each covering a different aspect of maths relevant to T213. The introduction to each section suggests suitable sources of help if you need more practise in that area. If you struggle with a particular section, work through one or more of the suggested sources of help, then return to the quiz and try the questions in that section again.

The accessibility of the Maths skills portable document format (pdf) may not suit everyone’s needs and we are looking into ways of making it more accessible for future presentations.

Similarly the resources for HELM (Helping Engineers Learn Maths) are held on a different server and to gain full access you may need to create a free visitor OU computer user account if you don’t already have one.

If you click on ‘End test’ you will see a record of what you have done. The ‘View overall feedback’ tab on this page will offer some advice on whether or not you are suitably prepared for T213.