The Electron Microscopy Suite at the Open University has the capability to analyse everything from brain tissue to rocks. 

We offer electron microscopy services:

  • analysis of nanomaterials, including size distribution of nanoparticles, shape or composition (EDS, EDX)

  • topographical analysis of samples by SEM

  • elemental composition and mapping (EDS, EDX) on SEM or TEM

  • sample structure (EBSD) on SEM

  • morphological analysis of tissues and cells by TEM

  • immunolabelling of a target antigen

  • detailed cell/tissue analysis in a 3D volume

We also provide electron microscopy training courses for TEM, SEM or sample preparation, see our catalogue with course fees:

electron microscopy courses

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SEM image of a fly's leg
TEM image of a blood vessel of a spinal chord
SEM image of microelectro-mechanical device
TEM image of iron nanoparticles
3-dimensional reconstruction of neuronal dendrites


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