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  • analyse nanomaterials, including size distribution of nanoparticles, shape or composition (EDS, EDX)

  • topographically analyse samples by SEM

  • detect elemental composition and map these elements (EDS, EDX

  • determine sample structure (EBSD) on SEM

  • analyse tissues and cells by TEM

  • find antigen of interest within a tissue (immunolabelling)

  • analyse cell/tissue in a 3D volume


Nanoparticle size analysis and size distribution
SEM helps you to analyze structural changes in your sample and identify living organisms
High resolution TEM can help you to identify crystal lattices in your material to see differences if you have more than 1
Get an incredible amount of detailed data about your biological sample from 3D TEM
Observe size of different organic nanoparticles such as liposomes, polymers or exosomes


Get to the root cause of the problem

Whether it is your failing product or material, only electron microscopes can tell you what is really going on there.

Cut your costs

Identify failure early and save money in the long run. Adapt your production based on what you have learned about your problem via the electron microscope.

Make an informed decision

No more guessing. Let electron microscopy data tell you what’s really going on there. Deepen your knowledge of the process of product manufacturing, so you are prepared to change direction when needed.

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We have used Radka Gromnicova for a range of EM services over the years; she has provided Midatech with a considerable quantity of high quality EM data. Radka has proven to be reliable and a very good communicator throughout the process, providing a quick service and excellent feedback relating to samples and data interpretation.

Phil Williams, Midatech Pharma


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  • Looking for economical way of analysing your samples? We offer competitive pricing of our services. 

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  • No need to own your own electron microscopes and deal with the costs of running it and keeping skilled staff 

  • ​ Analyse your SEM sample from comfort of your office or home yourself - no skill required 

  • Are you not sure what technique to use or what your results mean? Our range of academic experts and experts in electron microscopy will help you out

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