Project Publications


  • Avelie Stuart and Mark Levine: The threat posed to identities by arbitrary surveillance. International Society for Justice Research, Canterbury, UK, July 2016.
  • Avelie Stuart and Mark Levine: When will people resist surveillance? First they need to notice it, then identify the source. International Society of Political Psychology, San Diego, USA, June 2015.

Related Publications


Machine Learning

  • Dalal Alrajeh, Alessandra Russo, Sebastián Uchitel, Jeff Kramer: Logic-based learning in software engineering. ICSE (Companion Volume) 2016: 892-893.
  • Jeremiah Smith, Anna Lavygina, Alessandra Russo, Naranker Dulay: When did your smartphone bother you last?, UbiComp Adjunct 2014: 409-414.
  • Calin-Rares Turliuc, Nataly Maimari, Alessandra Russo, Krysia Broda: On Minimality and Integrity Constraints in Probabilistic Abduction. LPAR 2013: 759-775.
  • D. Corapi, A. Russo, and E. C. Lupu, Inductive Logic Programming as Abductive Search. Technical Communications of the 26th International Conference on Logic Programming, ICLP 2010, July 16-19, 2010, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
  • Corapi, Domenico; Ray, Oliver; Russo, Alessandra; Bandara, Arosha and Lupu, Emil (2009). Learning rules from user behaviour. In: Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations III: Proceedings of the 5TH IFIP Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations (AIAI '2009), 23-25 April 2009, Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • L. Dickens, K. Broda and A. Russo, Modelling Multi-agent Systems with Finite Analytic Stochastic Processes, AISB 2008 Symposium on Behaviour Regulation in Multi-Agent Systems, AISB Proceedings, ISBN: 1-902956-64-8, published by The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour, April 2008.