A Community-driven Curation Processing for Taxonomic Databases (ComTax)

This JISC-funded project aims to develop and establish a community-driven curation process among practising taxonomist. Potential taxonomic names with associated contextual information are extracted from the historic legacy of scientific literature, and are presented to web users with an online verification process in order to  engage the biodiversity community in collaborative taxonomic database curation.

In this project, we annotate 4 digitized Biologia Centrali-Americana (BCA) volumes. In each BCA volume, a list of potential taxonomic name are identified from the text. The names then are mapped into three existing large-scale taxonomic databases,  Catalogue of Life (CoL)uBio Name Bank, and Encyclopedia of Life (EoL). Taxonomic names that cannot be found in these taxonomic databases are collected as potentially new taxonomic names for validation.

Each new taxonomic name that needs to be validated by the biodiversity community is presented on a particular web page, together with relevant contextual descriptions extracted from the text. Please select one of the BCA volumes that you wish to examine. A navigation page for the taxonomic name list will be shown in the index page of each volume. 

Please select one of the BCA volumes below :